Ignition Coil Fits FORD MAZDA 1075786 1E04-18-10X


1066102, 1E031810X, 1E041810X, 1E0518100B, 1F2018100, C20118100A, 0 221 503 490, YF09-18-10X, YF091810X, LF0118100, LF0118100A, LF2018100A, 6736006, 6736009, 1053904, 1067601, 1111213, 1130402, 1317972, 1319929, 1350562, 1517813, 1119835, 1319788, 1350567, 1619343, 1S7G12029AB, 1S7G12029AC, 1S7Z12029AA, 1S7Z12029AB, 1S7Z12029AD, 6077429, 4S7G12029AA, 92GB12024AA, 988F12029AB, 988F12029AC, 988F12029AD, 988F12029BA, 988F-12029-AB, 988Z12029A, 601006, 602000, DG474, 245161, XS8Z-12029-AA, XS8Z12029AA, XS8Z12029AD, YM21F12024AC, YM2F12024AC, YM2F12029AB, FF193A, FF194, 30735759, DMB805, DMB810, C564, E560D, CFD497

Fits For :

Ford (1998-2010)

Ford - Europe (1996-2005)

Mazda (2004-2010)

Mazda - Europe (1998-2000)

Mercury (1999-2000)

Quality Promise

Premium Design

High quality replacement parts that are designed to meet or exceed the original and built with quality parts while manufacturing, testing, analyzing and quality assuring the best quality for long lasting usage.

Quality Promise

Quality Promise

We are dedicated to earning customers for life by bringing high quality affordable parts and repair solutions. We provide the highest quality aftermarket parts and pride ourselves in providing the best service on the Internet.

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