Engine Valve Cover Cam Rocker Cover for BMW 116i 316i 118i 120i Engine Code N13B16A Part #11127646553

Ref. DX27273

OEM 11127646553 11 12 7 646 553

Applications BMW

Tags Engine Valve Cover Rocker Valve Cover

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Fits For :


316i   2014-2015   N13B16A   100KW   1598ccm   8A/MT petrol

316i   2016-2016   N13B16A   100KW   1598ccm   8A/MT petrol

316Li   2015-2015   N13B16A   100KW   1598ccm   6MT petrol

316Li   2015-2015   N13B16A   100KW   1598ccm   8A/MT petrol

316Li   2016-2016   N13B16A   100KW   1598ccm   8A/MT petrol

116i   2012-2015   N13B16A   100KW   1598ccm   6MT petrol

116i   2012-2015   N13B16A   100KW   1598ccm   8A/MT petrol

118i   2012-2015   N13B16A   125KW   1598ccm   8A/MT petrol

118i   2016-   N13B16A   100KW   1598ccm   8A/MT petrol

120i   2015-2016   N13B16A   130KW   1598ccm   8A/MT petrol


11127646553, 11 12 7 646 553 

Extended Reading

Engine valve cover-is the abbreviated valve cover. It is the uppermost sealing structure of the engine. The engine lubricating oil corresponding to the oil pan is hermetically sealed, so that when the engine is running, the lubricating oil will not leak out.

The valve cover is mainly connected to the cylinder head of the engine. A camshaft is installed under the valve cover, and some accessories of the air intake mechanism on the cylinder head are sealed to ensure the normal operation and lubrication, protection and prevention dust. The seal forms a closed whole with each part of the engine to ensure a good working environment for the internal parts of the engine.

Symptoms of a damaged valve cover: 1. Foul Smell from The Engine; 2. Valve Cover Covered in Oil; 3. Low Levels of Engine Oil; 4. Rough Idling and Misfires.

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